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Welcome to the RideAnalyzer Demo!

Fast and easy, so you have fun while you exercise, train, and improve!

“The site already rocks and it just gets better. Have been telling all my race buddies to check it out.” Chad, Colorado subscriber

“My first time inputting data from a different location.†Again, nothing but Love.†[It's as] easy as if I were just doing it normally from home” Hippie Dave, New Jersey subscriber

“easy to use and fun” BykerByrd, North Carolina subscriber

RideAnalyzer.com works under a simple premise:
Bike + Route + Data = Ride
How do I get started? How do I add a ride? What will I get? More Cool Features! Sign me up NOW!
How do I get started?

Simple 2 Step Set-Up

Once you're set up, it takes just seconds to record each ride!
RideAnalyzer saves your favorite bikes and routes, so you can add new data in a snap!

Step 1–Add your Bike

 Adding your bike just once here will make it appear on the bike drop-down list every time you add a ride, saving you time.

 The Quick links navigation on the Home Page helps you get your bike set up quickly. (Once a bike is recorded, we provide a Short Cut link on the Home Page, getting you to your ride screens even faster!)
 The Add a bicycle screen allows you to enter as much detail as you would like, but all you have to enter is a bike name. Enter as many bikes as you want.

 Choose an icon for each bike so that you can tell them apart on your Calendar screen!  

 Just click Save and Go. If you don't use a bike computer, Save and you're ready for Step 2!

Using a Bike Computer?

 Recording your data is fast and easy when you set up our screen to match your bike computer.

TIP: Have your bike computer in front of you for this step. If you set up this screen to match the same screen order from your bike computer, entering your data later will be a breeze.

Step 2–Add your route

 Adding your route just once here will make it appear on the route drop-down list every time you add a ride.

 Use the easy Home Page navigation to add your favorite routes. (Once a route is recorded, we provide a Short Cut link on the Home Page, getting you to your ride screens even faster!)
 Give as much detail as you like about the route such as terrain, streets, and distance, but only the name is required.

Save and you're ready to ride!

TIP: Now, whenever you ride these bike/s or route/s, you can quickly enter your data from a link on your personal Home Page.

How do I add a Ride?

Add Your Rides

 After you're set up, you'll see a short cut link in the middle of your Home page to Add a Ride. You can also get to this screen from the main navigation by clicking the Calendar button. Then click on a date to bring up the Add a Ride screen.
 Use the convenient drop down menus to choose your bike, route, and the date of your ride.

 If you are using a bike computer, Save and go and you will be able to enter ride details.

 If you are not using a bike computer, simply Save and your'e done. The information you entered for Route and Bike will automatically be entered for this ride! Now youíre ready to see what we can do with all of your data!

Using a Bike Computer? – Ride details screen

 This screen allows you to quickly enter data from your bike computer just as you set it up – so that every RideAnalyzer entry is in the same order as your bike computerís screen sequence.
How do I get started? How do I add a ride? What will I get? More Cool Features! Sign me up NOW!
What will I get?

Motivation, Improvement, Entertainment!

There's a lot to motivate you at RideAnalyzer –
You'll see your improvement through all of these features!

   Calendar View
   Body Stats
   Virtual Tours
   Community Competition
Quickly see patterns and trends!

 The Calendar View gives you a month at a glance, showing an icon for each fitness event you enter.

 Move from month to month to see prior results and set goals.

TIP:You can also enter a ride from here by simply clicking on the actual date number, such as "15" on May 15th, and the mouse pointer will turn into a hand.

 It's quick and easy to get details on each ride!
Pause your mouse cursor over a Calendar icon to see basic ride data.

Analyze your results!

 The Statisics Page provides a graphical summary of all your rides and shows how you have progressed on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

 You choose how to customize your stats!

 Easy drop-down options are provided for viewing your rides in different ways – from total distance to average speed, heart rate and altitude gain. Simply Refresh Data to see your custom selections.

Track Your Progress!

 Evaluate your fitness goals based on the facts!

 With Body Stats you can track your increase in muscle and your decrease in fat by taking and recording body measurements.

 Once you have a history of measurements, you can see how far you have to go to reach your goals.

More Cool Features!

Fitness Fun!

These entertaining Home Page features offer a bit of everything for our community, and give us a chance to share experiences with other cyclists.

Ride with the Pros!

 How do you match up? Virtual Tours is an exciting feature that allows you to compare yourself to the pros in many of the yearís Classic Cycling Events.

Hot Shots

 Have some great cycling photos to share? It's very easy with our Photos section.

 You can post them yourself to share with the community. Funny or flattering, fashion or finish line - we want to see them.

Community Competition

 Think you've got enough to win? With the optional RideAnalyzer Records competition, you can compare your total miles, hours, and rides-to-date against others in the community.

 Watch as the riders jockey for position. Warning: It gets a little nasty!
Amazing Stories!

 Our column Amazing Stories! features adventurous cyclists all over the world. Perhaps you have a great story to share with our community.

Fix It Yourself

 Tired of walking a wounded bike home? Shop Talk, our instructional column, will teach you how to fix it right there on the road or trail, so you can get back in the saddle sooner.

Thank you for viewing our demo!
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